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A review of the Shipping News brought me here.


Excellently done by a woman named Cecily, it was broken down in organized sections, "Language," "Themes," and my favourite part of her review, "Quotations," I felt compelled to read more of her reviews. She writes like a genuine book lover.


She wrote, on Goodreads, her reviews were listed here, on Booklikes, so here I came, for the first time. I have no idea how I ended up with 27 followers, and equally have no idea how I came to be "LawrenceGleason77," as that might mean this site has such a massive number of people on it, teems and hordes swarming from all over the world, that 76 Lawrence Gleason's have discovered it before me. 


I have really no interest in reading, but read voraciously, all the time. My house is filled with bookshelves and books that have escaped the shelves to rest on coffee tables and the floors. One or two have found the couch. I rarely pick them up. I read one at a time, ten reads at least at a time. I must know the book through and through before I can break with it. Then I leave it and it leaves me, to rest, exhausted, to rest on the floor or the couch after exposing it's innards so that I may know it's workings.